We use pure, organic whole foods selected for freshness and quality, simply combined to create truly crave-worthy high protein snacks. Treat yourself and your family to the newest name in ‘organic fresh-chilled’ protein bars—Wella Bar. We keep it real and make it fresh!

our goal is simple. Keep it real and make it fresh. We seek out the best possible ingredients to bring you the freshest USDA certified organic protein bar imaginable. Made fresh to order each week, we carefully roast and grind our nuts to creamy perfection in small batches and lightly sweeten with fragrant honey.

our process uncomplicated. We seek out the best possible organic ingredients, such as Runner-variety peanuts, Valencia-variety almonds and True Source Verified honey.  Our dairy and egg proteins are domestic, and we source locally whenever possible.

our ideas unconventional. Most nut butters contain emulsifiers so they can be stored at room temperature. Since everyone owns a fridge, we skipped the added ingredients and recommend you keep our bars refrigerated. Wella Bars are fine outside refrigeration for 2 days—so go ahead and toss into your lunchbox, backpacks and sports bags and enjoy any time of the day.


“1 in 3 bites of food we eat are directly or indirectly pollinated by bees”
Kremin, UC Berkley Environmental Science

The wholesome ingredients used to create our delicious bars would not be possible without the help of the honey bees. Your purchase helps us to help them. A portion of sales of Wella Bars goes to fund research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bees. To learn more, see our infographic on the plight of the honey bee:


At Wella we are passionate about delicious, pure foods and believe that sustainable organic agriculture promotes healthy lives – and a healthy planet.  The USDA certified organic seal is your assurance that every Wella Bar is non GMO and free of toxic chemicals, antibiotics and added hormones. To learn more: ccof.org/organic/why-organic


Native to the Americas, peanuts are high in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants, making them rich energy sources. They help lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and increase good cholesterol (HDL). Rich in protein and healthy mono-unsaturated fats, peanuts promote proper growth and body development. Not to mention they’re high in poly-phenolic anti-oxidants that fight cancer and prevent heart disease.


Thank you Spain for bringing us the awesome almond – one of the world’s richest sources of plant protein (almost 10% by weight). Rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber, calcium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin E and high in protein, almonds promote a healthy heart, beautiful skin and proper bone growth. Almonds are among the lowest-calorie nuts and have more calcium than any other nut.


Native to Brazil and cultivated in more than 30 countries, cashews are the number one crop in the world after almonds. Prized for their mineral content, cashews are high in copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and Vitamin K. Cashews have no cholesterol and contain beneficial oleic acid to boost good cholesterol (HDL) .

Sesame Seeds (Tahini)

Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid, tahini promotes good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. The seeds are also a valuable source of protein, and are rich in high quality vitamins and minerals (i.e. – B6, niacin and riboflavin). 100g of sesame contain 25% of the daily recommended intake of folic acid essential to proper development.


Honey is a blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids with antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. Honey releases hydrogen peroxide through an enzymatic process which explains its general antiseptic qualities, and makes it a natural method for inhibiting bacterial growth in foods. Note: To ensure 100% real honey, purchase only from trusted sources and look for the True Source Verified logo. For more information www.dutchgoldhoney.com/about-honey/honey-faq.

Milk Protein

All Wella Bars contain high quality milk protein made exclusively from domestically farmed, organic cows. Milk protein concentrates (MPC’s) are complete dairy proteins that contain both casein and whey proteins. They enhance the protein content of foods without adding significant levels of lactose.

Egg Whites

We use organic powdered egg whites to boost protein values without adding unwanted cholesterol and fat. Egg whites are cholesterol and fat free, high in protein and potassium, and offer a small amount of B vitamins and calcium.

Do Wella Bars need to be kept refrigerated?

Wella Bars are made from fresh nut butters and contain no emulsifiers. The natural oils in the nuts will over time separate unless kept refrigerated. To maintain freshness and prevent oil separation, we recommend keeping Wella Bars refrigerated until ready to consume.

How long are Wella Bars good without refrigeration?

Wella Bars will last 2 days without refrigeration depending on the temperature.

Can Wella Bars be kept in the freezer?

Wella Bars freeze exceptionally well.

How do you guarantee Wella Bar honey is organic?

USDA certified Organic Honey is produced by organic certified beehives. These special beehives are located in remote regions of Brazil where the honey bees can forage for nectar from various wildflowers free from herbicide or pesticide applications. We purchase exclusively from a True Source Verified importer that maintains proof of origin and honey testing certificates. For more info Dutch Gold Honey FAQ.

Do Wella Bars contain soy?

No soy.

Do Wella Bars contain GMOs?

No GMOs. All ingredients are certified USDA organic and required to be GMO-free.

Do Wella Bars contain dairy or eggs?

Yes. Wella Bars contain whole milk protein and powdered egg whites.

Do Wella Bars contain wheat?

No wheat.

Are Wella Bars made in a certified gluten-free facility?

No. Wella Bars are made in a facility that processes wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. We use Lateral Assay Gluten testing to ensure our bars meet the FDA standard for gluten free. For more information contact our QA at info@wellabar.com or call 877-725-7289

Are Wella Bars Kosher?

Yes. Wella Bar ingredients and the facility where they are made comply with the kosher requirements of Circle K. You can visit the Circle K website to learn more about their kosher certification.

Are Wella Bars raw?

We roast all our nuts prior to grinding our fresh nut butters. The finished bars, however, are not heat processed.

Do Wella Bars contain preservatives?

No. Our bars do not contain any preservatives, food dyes, conditioners or additives. Nothing artificial.

Where can I find nutritional info?

Nutritional information for all Wella Bars can be found on our products page. Click here and select the item you are interested in.

Are Wella Bars available to purchase online?

Wella Bars are available for online purchase through Healthy Goodness

Wella Bar Product Information

Download the Wella Bar Product Information Sheet (PDF)